Construction of Skyscrapers
Without Tower Cranes

It took 4 years and 1.5 billion dollars to build the highest skyscraper in the world – "Burj Khalifa". The internal square of the building is 350,000 square meters, and the cost of renting one square meter is $900. If the building had been constructed with the new technology, the costs would have reduced by 300 million US dollars (or 20%). In this case it could be possible to make profit (630 million US dollars) from the shorter period of construction by renting (2 years x 900 dollars x 350,000 square meters). The benefit totals 930 million US dollars (almost 1 billion US dollars). A tremendous benefit!

I propose you to develop a new technology.

At first, I wish you continued health and success in future.

Why do you need it?

The rising land values (especially in big cities) forces developers to increase the number of floors in the building and erect these buildings as quickly as possible. Annual growth of the number of newly built skyscrapers in the world always totals 10% (even in the years of deepest recession). Technologies in different areas of production become more complex, that is why developers have to build all kinds of structures faster and faster.

What do we offer?

I propose to develop the technology of “construction (demolition) of the high-rise buildings and facilities (including skyscrapers) without works at height (without tower cranes and work platforms)”. Main elevating (for construction) or depressing (for demolition) works are making at the first-floor level of a building or a facility (including skyscrapers). Under such a condition the need of using of tower cranes (working platforms) is eliminated, and special new technology hoisting mechanisms are used for elevation (depression) of buildings and facilities.

Main benefits

The time required for construction (demolition) of buildings and facilities (including skyscrapers) with the using of new technology is halved compared with the traditional technology. See the calculation attached.


The cost of building and construction works is reduced by 20 – 25%. There are also other considerable benefits.

There is no other similar technology around the world. This means that our product is unique and exclusive on the market, so we can make a fair profit.

Scope of Business

I'm right and ... In Alliance with a powerful company, we have mastered the technology. And we're building, according to new technology, tall buildings twice as fast, and then 25% cheaper.

Then we win all the competitions for the construction of skyscrapers in the world, offering the conditions of construction ... "twice as fast."

Every year more than 120 skyscrapers are built in the world. The annual turnover of our company under the General contract will be more than 120 billion dollars !

The company's turnover will increase by an order of magnitude and more, if you sell equipment of new technology around the world !

New technology development

For the rational development of new technology is necessary:

  • - registration of intellectual property on new technology in the required quality and volume;
  • - modeling, equipment design with new technology;
  • - manufacture and trial testing of new technology equipment;

I do not have any intellectual property documents on the new technology ... Therefore I can not tell you, I can not show you everything, but I assure you that I know the principal solutions to the main issues.

Given the enormous commercial potential of the new technology, the project - I consider it necessary, including the design of intellectual property documents under the protection of a powerful partner company, which will be the locomotive of mastering and implementing new technology



Расчёт срока строительства(сноса) высоких зданий(небоскрёбов) по новой технологии

Traditional construction technology New construction technology

Тct = Тmh + Тse; Тct = 2Тse; Тnt = Тse + Тbe; Тnt = Тse;

where Тct – construction time for one storey of a building according to traditional technology;
Тmh – time for handling of materials, structures for erection of one storey;
Тse – time used for erection of one storey of the building;
Тbe – time for elevation of a building, using the new technology (supposedly 1,0 - 2,0 hours);
Тmh = Тse, as according to traditional technology, material and structures handling for erection of one storey, and storey erection starts and terminates at the same time.

It is supposed that elevation (depression) of a building shall take 1,0 – 2,0 hours, and comparing to erection of one storey of a building it is a “rapid time period”, besides during erection using the new technology the amount of installation and de-installation works for the cast forms of particular structures, that is why in the estimation data Тbe = 0.
That is why it is necessary to agree, that Тnt = 0,5Тct.

Please pay attention that the estimation data strongly indicates that traditional construction technology shall never “overtake” the new technology by duration of the period of construction, no matter how many tower cranes it uses for construction of one or another highriser.