Construction of Skyscrapers
Without Tower Cranes

It took 4 years and 1.5 billion dollars to build the highest skyscraper in the world – "Burj Khalifa". The internal square of the building is 350,000 square meters, and the cost of renting one square meter is $900. If the building had been constructed with the new technology, the costs would have reduced by 300 million US dollars (or 20%). In this case it could be possible to make profit (630 million US dollars) from the shorter period of construction by renting (2 years x 900 dollars x 350,000 square meters). The benefit totals 930 million US dollars (almost 1 billion US dollars). A tremendous benefit!

I propose you to develop a new technology.


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For a business,a commercial project without proper commercial potential is like a wedding night without a bride!

"ConstructionWithoutCrane" is a new technology with a colossal commercial potential !

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The future of tall buildings and skyscrapers is here!

Today, tall buildings are being built using technology in the USA - Upbrella Construction, in Austria - Hickory Building Systems, in the UK - Jump Lift ...

These technologies only slightly improve the performance of traditional technologies. Everyone builds by raising materials to the floor under construction.

ConstructionWithoutCrane - builds by raising the building under construction to the height of the floor ... always builds the "first" floor. Then, having a “permanent working platform”, we will be able to robotize the main construction work ... and build the floors of the building like machines on a conveyor belt.

Having mastered, we will build twice (or more) faster, any building (skyscraper) on the "ground" ...

Say... we have mastered the technology.

Then we win all the competitions in the construction of skyscrapers in the world, provided that the construction is "twice as fast", they are built more than 120 per year.

The annual turnover of our company, very soon, under the general contract will be more than 120 billion dollars!

Turnover will increase by an order of magnitude if you sell equipment of new equipment all over the world!

There is no alternative to construction without a crane!

I propose to monopolize the technology, having mastered all the methods of lifting a building under construction!


I propose to master a new technology «ConstructionWithoutCrane».

Several financial institutions are ready to finance the project, but for its more successful development and promotion, it is necessary that the global construction company act as a strategic partner in this project.

I propose, at the first stage of technology development, if there is a project and a building permit, build a tall building without robots.

We will build the building with a commercial area of 50,000m2-60,000m2 (floor area -500 m2, number of storeys of the building- 80et.-120et.):

  • -preparation for construction - 6-9 months;
  • -the construction of the building itself - 6-9 months;
  • -necessary finances for preparation for construction - $ 15 million - $ 20 million;

In this case, we will be able to master the technology and return (with the sale of commercial space) investment.

Offer cooperation of an active, ambitious company.

PCT International Patent Application No. RU2019000713

RF patent for the invention №2716319 dated 03/11/2020

PCT International Patent Application No. RU2019000713

PCT International Patent Application No. RU2019000713




Igidali Ashurbegov


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Traditional construction technology New construction technology

Тct = Тmh + Тse; Тct = 2Тse; Тnt = Тse + Тbe; Тnt = Тse;

where Тct – construction time for one storey of a building according to traditional technology;
Тmh- waiting time lifting materials, structures for the construction of the floor;
Тse – time used for erection of one storey of the building;
Тbe – time for elevation of a building, using the new technology (supposedly 1,0 - 2,0 hours);
Тmh = Тse, as according to traditional technology, material and structures handling for erection of one storey, and storey erection starts and terminates at the same time.

It is supposed that elevation (depression) of a building shall take 1,0 – 2,0 hours, and comparing to erection of one storey of a building it is a “rapid time period”, besides during erection using the new technology the amount of installation and de-installation works for the cast forms of particular structures, that is why in the estimation data Тbe = 0.
That is why it is necessary to agree, that Тnt = 0,5Тct.

Please pay attention that the estimation data strongly indicates that traditional construction technology shall never “overtake” the new technology by duration of the period of construction, no matter how many tower cranes it uses for construction of one or another highriser.